GBWhatsApp APK is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. They have many features which are locked in the original WhatsApp and give freedom to people to use it as they want. The latest GBWhatsApp APK v8.00 comes with all new features and support all the android device. So now you can finally get rid of the old WhatsApp and go for the GBwhatsApp download.

GBWhatsApp APK v8.00 – Download for Android 2020
App Name: GBWhatsapp

File Size: 52.36 MB

License: Free


GBWhatsApp has been downloaded more than 7,000,000+ till now and the number keeps increasing and why not, when you have the power to unlock all the features of WhatsApp, you always choose the better version, in this case, GBwhatsapp app. You can use it the same as regular WhatsApp but it’s better than that. It has more features and the upgraded version which is not available to regular WhatsApp. it’s better than other chatting apps because it has more unlocked features and freedom and you can make it personalized just for you.

GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp is one of the best apps for messaging and chatting. You will have tons of options and features which are not available in any chatting app. GBWhatsApp will enhance your WhatsApp experience and let you do more stuff with single GBWhatsApp APK. It will work the same as the regular WhatsApp but with more features like you can use two WhatsApp accounts in the same device, you can hide last seen and blue tick and many more.

WhatsApp vs GBWhatsApp

There are plenty of features you will have with GBWhatsApp APK. You can hide your last seen and even blue tick which lets others know that you have read the message. You can send a blank message to your friend which is not possible with regular WhatsApp.

What operating systems support GBWhatsApp?

Right now, GBWhatsApp APK is available to all the versions of Android. They are working on a new update to make it possible to work iOS as well. You can use this app on any android phone which is android version 4 or up.

GBWhatsApp Features

No Need Root Access
Anti-Ban & Ban Proof
Hide your last seen Ever (Privacy Option)
Supported Audio Calls and Video Calling Enable
Zooming of Profile Pictures
Themes mods
Counter statistics for groups
View the media without loading

There are many more features in GBWhatsApp APK, but these are some of the most useful ones.

Download GBWhatsApp

Its easy to download and use the GBWhatsApp, here is how to do it.

GbWhatsApp for Android

You just need to download GBWhatsApp and install it as you do with regular WhatsApp. It will ask for some permission and once you grant them, it will work perfectly. You can use GBWhatsApp on any android device which has at least Android 4.0 or later version. Right now, the latest version is GBWhatsApp APK v8.00 which have all the feature you need.

How to activate GBWhatsApp without ban?

There are many features in GBWhatsApp APK which are not available in the regular WhatsApp. Like you can Hide the Blue Tick, to do that, you need to go to the settings and in privacy, you will find the same name options. There are many more features available in the GB setting of the app including sending large size files and even copying text with pictures.

This is the same as WhatsApp, but you can do lots of tweak with it like, yo7u can hide and protect your Chat. You need to open your contact and chat, go to the Setting and click on the hide. Before that, you need to set a pattern for the ‘pattern lock’ for the WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Alternatives

There many APK available in the market which we can compare to GBWhatsApp, neither of them is as good and as featureful but here is the list.

WhatsApp Plus

There are a few new WhatsApp modes which have some of the same features as GBWhatsApp. You can hide the blue tick and even revoke the deleted message with WhatsApp Plus APK.

YO WhatsApp

This app is just for enhancing display feature in WhatsApp. You can add themes and backgrounds and make them more beautiful. It has a smooth UI which makes it better to use.

OG WhatsApp

This app is mainly used for operating two numbers on the same device. You can use two WhatsApp numbers with the same app without any worry.


What is the difference between GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Plus?

GBWhatsApp is a basic feature version of the app. There are many more features that you can avail of in GBWhatsApp Plus. Basically, it’s a pro version of the GBWhatsApp APK in which you find those features which are not available in the GBWhatsApp.

Why is GBWhatsApp not available in the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store has certain restrictions on apps that are published in its store. And out of other terms and conditions, modification of apps aren’t allowed. GBWhatsApp violates a few terms of the Google Play Store, and hence, GBWhatsApp is not available in the store. But you don’t have to worry about where will you get the legit GBWhatsApp, as it is available in a few third-party app stores as well as on this page. Download the application to take the best of GBWhatsApp.

Why is GBWhatsApp not installing on the phone?

There might be various reasons for which the GBWhatsApp is not getting installed on your phone, the most common being the restriction put on the device. To solve this, go to your Settings>>Storage>>Unknown Sources. Enable the Unknown Sources and you will be able to install GBWhatsApp.

The second reason you might face is Insufficient Space error. Although there might be enough space, it says that there is no space on your phone. To solve this, follow these steps:

Go to your phone’s Settings, then tap Apps & notifications > App info > Google Play Store>> Storage>> Clear Cache.

Tap Clear Data>OK.

Restart your phone, then try installing the GBWhatsApp again.

How to save status in GBWhatsApp?

You can easily save anyone’s WhatsApp status. All you need to do is visit their status and press it on the screen where the status is. You will find an option to save the status there.

Can we uninstall GBWhatsApp and install normal WhatsApp?

There is an option available in the app which lets you uninstall the GBWhatsApp easily. You can then download the WhatsApp and use it as you were.

How to install GBWhatsApp on iOS devices?

Right now, GBWhatsApp is not supported by the iOS device. They are working on an update that will soon be released for the iPhone as well.

What devices and operating systems does GBWhatsApp support?

Download GBWhatsApp for any device and you can use it on any phone which have android 4.0 or newer version available. GBWhatsApp APK even supports the latest Android Oreo.

How to restore a backup from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

To restore a backup from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp, follow these few steps.

Open the app and go to the Chats tab

Press the icon of the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the interface

Select Settings at the bottom of the menu

Access Chats

Press Chat backup

Confirm the operation by pressing the Back-Up button. Once it completes different folders and files will get created in GBWhatsApp’s local directory.

How to back up GBWhatsApp and restore it in WhatsApp Messenger?

To restore the GBWhatsApp in the WhatsApp Messenger, you should do the following steps:

• Go to Chats. In the top right corner, press the dotted icon. Select Settings, then go to Chats. Press Chats backup and confirm.

Open your file explorer and locate the folder called GBWhatsApp in your phone’s internal storage.

Rename the folder from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp and do exactly the same to all the internal folders that begin with GB.

Download and install WhatsApp Messenger.

Once you open the app, after verifying your number and accepting that the app accesses your contacts to search for a non-existing backup on Google Drive, a window saying a backup has been found will pop up. Press Restore and you’ll have all your GBWhatsApp chats in WhatsApp Messenger.

How to update GBWhatsApp?

Toupdate GBWhatsApp, you just have to go as far as two-to-three steps extra. And they are:

First, make sure you have backed-up all of your GBWhatsApp Chats so you wouldn’t lose any of your important conversation, or files. And to do so, you have to press on the three dots at the top right corner of the application.

On the Chats tab, click on Settings, the Chats. Now click on back up. All of your chats will get backed up on your device.

Updating GBWhatsApp is different from updating the official WhatsApp. Here, you have to directly download the updated version. Therefore, click on the link above to get the latest updated version of GBWhatsApp. But as you do, there are a few more steps to take.

Once the download completes, install the file. Click on the notification or go to your file manager/Downloads folder. Open the APK file and tap on install.

While installing the new version, you will be asked if you want to re-install the new version. Click on Accept.

Once, the app is updated, register your phone number and restore your chats. You will be able to use the app, the same way again.